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Gaferli Mahallesi, Müze Caddesi, 10/12
Göreme Nevşehir Turkey
BLUE TOUR / Cappadocia
Blue Tour Attractions:

Mustafapaşa Village
Keşlik Monastery
Taşkınpaşa Medrese
Sobessos Ancient City
Soğanlı Valley
Kaymaklı Underground City

We will pick you up in the morning from your hotel and start our full day Cappadocia tour. Pick up time is betvveen 09:00 and 09:30, depends on your hotel. The tour starts with visiting Mustafapaşa Village, an old Greek village vvhich is famous for its beautiful are hiteeture, vvhere the vvarrens of grottos are hidden behind statuesque neo-clasical façades. It's former name during the Ottoman Empire vvas Sinassos (“city of the sun”), and it vvas one of the largest Greek settlements in Cappadocia until the beginning of the 20® century. Throughout the region the town is knovvn for the ornate carved stonevvork of its houses. The next stop is Keşlik Monastery, vvhich is consist of 3 churches, refectory, sleeping and living quarters that were carved out of the rock. The monastery is known as one of the rare Iconoclastic examples of Cappadocia frescoes and it was used in Byzantine Era until the end of Ottoman Empire. Then vve vvill continue to Taşkınpaşa, a typical Cappadocian village, vvhere vve will visit Taşkınpaşa Medrese (theological school) and an antiquated mosque, both built in a classical Seljuk style. The Medrese vvas built by the Karamanids, a 14lh century dynasty in Konya, that dominated this part of Anatolia for almost 250 years. in Taşkınpaşa Village vve vvill have our lunch. After the lunch break ourtour vvill continue to Sobessos Ancient City, the only late-Roman/early-Byzantine settlement in Cappadocia. İt is originally a Roman settlement from the 4lh century AD. We vvill visit the excavation site where you will be able to see, among other typical Roman buildings, a 400 m2 meeting hail, the main attraction of vvhich is the beautiful mosaic flooring. By sightseeing the excavation site you will realize how finding Roman ruins of this sophistication provides evidence that there is stili a lot vve don't know about the history of Cappadocia. İt is knovvn that Christians vvere for the most part hiding from Roman soldiers, but there has never been any evidence of a fuli-scale Roman settlement here. After visiting the excavation site vve will proceed to Soğanlı Valley, a deep vailey with interesting hiking trails. Soğanlı was once the third largest monastic çenter in the area and hosts many cave churches and monasteries, most of which are from the period between 9lh and 13* century. Soğanlı is famous for its worldwide known dolls that have become the Symbol of the village. We will spend the afternoon hiking through the valley, enjoying the beautiful and untouched nature. Our tour will end by visiting Kaymaklı Underground City, vvhere vve will descent tovvards the centre of earth by exploring the second biggest underground city in Cappadocia; whose capacity vvas approximately 4 000 people. This city is about 20 metres deep and contains ali the usual rooms founded in an underground city (kitchens, storehouses, living quarters, wine cellars, church, ete.). Anticipated return to your hotel is approximately between 18:00 and 18:30 o'clock.

Time: 09:00/09:30-18:00/18:30

The tour ineludes:

Transportation with air-conditioned luxury vehicle •Pickupand drop-off service from/to hotel
Professional English speaking guide
Entrance fees to museums
• 'lLunc.li in a locai restaurant (exclucling drinks) r* All tâxes and service fees

Lunch in a locai restaurant (excluding drinks)
All taxes and service feesl
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